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Seeking a Coach or Mentor?

Over the last 30 + years, I had to endure and overcome many things. I learned the value of forgiving both myself as sell as others. Regardless of your age, everyone need a coach or mentor as some point of their lives.

When to consider coaching/When in need of:

  • Developing specific competencies, or a need of increase competency in a specific area.
  • Seeking/Meeting higher expectations.
  • Introducing a new system, program, or idea.
  • When a company has a small group of individuals in need of increased competency in specific areas.
  • Seeking assistance in acquiring a new skill.

When to consider mentoring/Seeking to develop:

  • The leader in you.
  • Diverse employees to remove barriers that hinder their success.
  • Seek to retain its internal expertise and experience residing in its baby boomer employees for future generations.
  • Seeking to find balances in both their professional and the personal life.

Send request for a free consultation:

[email protected]

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It has been an honor working with you to help you get to the next level with your OWN dreams and goals! You did IT!

I was BORN for this and look forward to helping the multitude. See you put me in your video.

Love ya & God Bless! Mrs. T.